223 S. Sycamore Street
Wahoo, NE 68066
Telephone: 402-443-1800

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Spring Sign


Spring has finally arrived!


business sign




Welcome to Half Pints Child Care & Preschool!

April Fool's!
The school-agers were told we made a plate of "brownies" for snack. Not sure who had more fun-the kids or the staff!

April Fools One April Fools Day

April Fool's!
A special treat of cupcakes turned
out to be meatloaf with mashed potato frosting!

April Fool's!

Kids took it in stride and enjoyed their "treat"!




Brownies Last summer day

Last day of summer break:
A "hopping" good time!

Pretty in Pink
summer picnic red white blue

Summer is made for picnics

A "Patriotic" Improvement to the Playground
Spring day St Pats Day

A warm early spring day means getting outside!

Luck of the Irish: St. Patrick's Day
pretty pink

fire station


Getting ready for Saunders County Fair


Field trip to Wahoo Fire




dancing queens

play day


Dancing Queens!!


Play date




play time

good eats


Learning through play


Good Eats!!

bus trip

summer fun


Getting there is half the fun


Fun in the sun!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Half Pints in Action!
fire station



If you "click" on the picture you will see a short video of our fire dept. and kids in action.