Half-Pints Child Care and Preschool wants to expand horizons!

There is more to a child's education than a classroom. Field trips are significant in building life experiences. Some activities we offer:

  • Trips to area zoos
  • Swimming
  • Access to community-based programs
  • Area businesses

For a more detailed list visit our "Activities" page.


We do more than provide a safe environment for your child. We help prepare them for the future!

Our facilities and excellent staff are designed to meet your child's needs as they progress through their developmental stages. From infant to school-age Half-Pints Child Care and Preschool strives to provide a rich educational experience.

Infants to toddlers:

A time of learning and exploration. This age group will learn more in these years than at any other time of their lives. We start with providing a safe, secure setting and progress to eating skills, assistance with toilet training, appropriate social interactions, etc.

Toddler to preschool:

It's time to learn daily living skills like tying shoes and proper nutrition to preparing for the rigors of school. We will assist with learning basic colors, ABC's, counting, etc. We implement a "Theme and Word of the Week" program.


School age:

It's now time to augment the efforts of teachers and care givers! We will work in reading, penmanship, vocabulary, etc.


Progress reports:

Want to know how your child is doing? You can request daily, weekly, or monthly progress reports.